Male companions: An act worthy of emulation

Forget all the grammar used to paint the services rendered by male companions, the basic idea behind it is looking out for each other. If there is any reason why there is so much violence in the world, it is because people have refused to be like male companions and look out for each other. It is sad that many people do not already appreciate the amiable services rendered by male companions for one reason or the other. Let me tell you the hard truth, you can NEVER be a male companion if you do not learn to put the interest of the other person before yours. And we all did that, all the fighting, killings, racial attacks and so on will not be there.

There was this day that I was walking in the street and a young lady was attacked by three guys. They had knives on them and I feared that if I intervened, I would get hurt. I decided to mind my business and watch the guys in horror. They had collected her bag, wrist watch, earrings, but one of them was struggling to pull down her silk top. This young guy that should be a few years younger than me walked up to them and engaged them in a scuffle. He sustained some scratches in the process but the three guys flee, abandoning the lady and some of the stuff they had collected from her. It was shocked to the bone. I emerged from my hiding and walked up to her to show my sympathy – even though I would have shown it in a better way. Some other guys also came to the scene. I guess the sight of them from a distance made the attackers run away.

I helped the guy to attend to his bruise. Some of the guys chased after the attackers and two of them stayed back to make sure that the heroic young man was ok.
“Nice thing you did. I couldn’t have done that.”
He smiled, “We should look out for each other, right?”
“Are these your friends?”
“Yes,” he said, “We are all male companions and this lady happen to be my client. We arranged to meet here. I would have done same if she wasn’t my client anyways.”

We talked a little more and he told me I could be one of them if I wished. I didn’t quite get all he said about male companions, but one thing that was in my mind was what he did. As they say, “Action speaks louder than words”. His act of bravery had endeared me to be part of whatever he was. I felt ashamed of myself for staying in hiding while evil was being perpetrated. I would have at least called 911. Prior to his departure with the young lady into the night, I took his contact and promised to give him a call
“Sure” he said, smiled and left.

For the next couple of weeks, we spoke on the phone and he told me more about male companions. He said that even though male companions are generally rated as men who provide sexual satisfaction to women, there was more to their services which was putting the needs of others before their own need. He mentioned rightly that even while they offer sexual satisfaction, male companions focus on making sure that their clients are satisfied even when they – the male companions – have not been satisfied. It was a difficult task but a rewarding one too. He needed not to tell me that part because I figured it out in my head. After deliberations with myself and consultation of other male companions, I knew I had to get in, not necessarily because of the many benefits which the other male companions talked about but because I loved the spirit behind what they do. Ever since I joined male companions, I have never sat for a day to regret my decision. They, the male companions, are like family. How can you even be depressed when there are people looking out for you? I have never stopped to think of what I would be if I should retire from male companions – how can I even retire when the spirit governing male companions is like a one way traffic that never goes back?



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