Craving Asian in Melbourne

For the most part, when someone says “they’re craving Asian” it’s food they are talking about. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, or whatever the hottest flavour of the moment is, but for those who are attracted to certain type of person or persons, craving Asian, means wanting to see or sleep with a human from one of those countries or that fit one of those ethnic groups.

Asian brothels, erotic massage parlours and escorts are bountiful in Melbourne. You can dine upon “cuisines” from each Asian country every night of the week if you choose. Upscale Asian brothels like Lily Yang’s The Cherry Tree Garden employ elegant Asian beauties who define what classic Asian beauty is while a bordello like Maison D’Amour employs not only Asians, but exotic beauties from Africa, India, and more.

There’s no specific reason given why most men would like a night or two in the throes of passion with an Asian escort. Maybe it’s the submissive stereotype that had been given to Asian women or that sly smile and anime eyes that melt the pants right off of men. Especially in recent years, it’s very common to see the pairing of a Caucasian man and an Asian woman together in Australia, America and most Western countries in the world.

The appeal of Asian women has been growing over the years, especially through popular TV shows like Nikita and Hawaii Five-O and famous movies like Memoirs of a Geisha and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The oh-so beautiful Asian actresses on screen always creates a lasting impression on the male population, making them fantasise about what it would be like to kiss and caress that perfect smooth silky skin of a beautiful Asian woman.

Whatever the reason, Asian brothels are a hot spot of activity for those seeking pleasures of the flesh. They are discreet and private, and Asian escorts are often skilled in the art of Asian massage like Nuru, Thai massage  and more. Receiving a body to body massage from an attractive oiled up Asian vixen that ends in mind blowing sex is appealing to all; male, female, and beyond.

If you are in Melbourne and craving Asian, you will not have a shortage of Asian establishments to choose from and some are five start establishments that are more grand and luxurious than the five star hotels in the area.

Find the Asian brothel of your choice today at and satisfy the hunger you have.



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